Episode 132

What Step 3 of AA Means to Me


17 November 2021

12 mins 20 secs

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Step 3 in Alcoholics Anonymous is the first time in the 12 steps that God is mentioned. For that reason, it's sometimes seen as being a tricky step to take newcomers through.

It doesn't need to be complicated though. It's not religious, it's not ideological, it's not dogmatic. It's just deciding to acknowledge that you're not in control, which you already kinda know anyway, right?

"But if only it weren't for ..."

Yeah, that! That's what needs to go, and that's the bit that's really hard in day-to-day recovery. But non-addicts don't think about this stuff as much as we in recovery do. Thats' where the 'grateful' alcoholic comes from. We can change the world by changing ourselves, by simply making that decision.

That got kinda preachy, didn't it? You see? Step 3 can be hard! Watch the video and hopefully, it'll help you to understand that it can be as easy as pie, and who doesn't like pie?

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